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I work as health coach and content marketing manager. The basis for my career was established in my younger years, when I was a very active sports enthusiast. I engaged in many sporting activities such as athletics, basketball, volleyball and later fitness training. Read more


On a regular basis, I offer coaching workshops for small groups or companies. Profit from my professional experience as fitness coach to reach your goals! Scroll down to learn more about a mindful healthy day or inquire for more information.

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All you need for a mindful healthy day (#mindfulhealthyday)


Sitting still, relaxing and breathing deeply calms your body, mind and soul, and clarifies your thoughts. It has many positive health effects, e.g. the relief of stress.


With the right attitude you can reach goals of any type. Make sure that you know, from morning till evening, what and who you love and wich goal you are getting up for.


Being mindful means that you purposefully chose to be present in the current moment and to act carefeully. Be aware of yourself and your environment.


Keeping active has many positive effects, such as a more active metabolism, a higher calorie consumption and a better sleep. Look for daily opportunities to raise your activity level.


Be grateful for what you are and what you have. You are much more than what you perceive in your daily live. Being grateful helps you to be more satisfied with yourself.

Nutritious Food

Nutrients deliver the energy which body and mind need to properly function. Keep your food natural and biological to profit the most from your meals.

The positive effects of regular physical activity

Here are six of the major positive effects of regular physical activity. As you will see, it is worth to have a daily active routine.

Heart Circulation

Activities train your heart, the heart circulation and keep your metabolism active.

Healthy Bones & Spine

Staying active means strengthening your bones and keeping your spine healthy.

Better Coordination

The more you move, the better you are able to keep balance and coordinate your movements.

Strong Muscles

Only muscles in use keep strong and get stronger.

Better Endurance

With an active life you improve your endurance and can do activities over a longer time.


You improve your whole energy level when you move regularly.

The positive effects of meditation

Find below some of the major positive effects which meditation has on your mind and body. There are more, but I just wanted to give you an idea, why meditation should be a part of your everyday life.


With meditation you raise the awareness of yourself, the people around you and your environment.


Meditation improves the metabolism, e.g. by reducing stress. This helps in many ways, for example with improving your digestion.

Stress Reduction

Stress reduction not only has a good influence on metabolism, but also reduces muscle tensions and negative feelings.

Blood Pressure

Centering helps to reduce your blood pressure, which is very good for your heart.


Your brain releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which help you to get into a good mood.


Meditation helps you to get aware of your mental and physical energy and to improve its flow.

How does meditation work?

Meditation does not depend on the location. In fact, the more stressful the environment is, the more important it is for your to be able to meditate. There are yoga studios in many inner cities which teach to cope with the city noise during meditation. Also, I have seen people meditating on large city places while stressed business people have been passing by. However, it is easier to meditate at a calm location.

You can meditate in a seated, lying or upright position and even in motion. However, the seated meditation is a good and easy way to start.

  • Sit with crossed legs on the floor or on a meditation cushion
  • Keep the back in an upright position
  • Release all muscle tension
  • Lay down your hands on your thighs in a relaxed way
  • Keep relaxed and still as long as you can in this position. Start with 5-10 minutes every day.

The breath is very important for meditation, because with controlling your breath you control your relaxation. During meditation you breathe deeply, slowly and regularly. Focus on your breath as it flows in and out of your body. You will feel which difference it makes if you pay attention to your breath.

Let your thoughts pass by and give your mind the chance to get rid of the daily business. What happened or what will happen is not important. Your mindful presence in this moment in time is the only thing that matters.

Meditation Video

This is a short (1 minute) beach meditation video. Meditation is simple and improves your mindfulness in everyday life. Of course it is more easy to relax in a nice environment. To be able to meditate in your daily life, just keep some meditation music on your phone. Play it to make your break!

How to make a positive change in your life

Every person can positively change on an individual level by bringing the three elements movement, nutrition and meditation into the center of life. An increased mindfulness in everyday life and the awareness for movement, nutrition and meditation enables a life in balance, influences the personal qi positively, improves the self-perception and the understanding of a holistic lifestyle.

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