Jens Baltrusch

About Me

I work in Zurich, Switzerland, as health coach and content marketing manager.

The basis for my passion for sports in general and health topics lies in my childhood. I, as a very active sports enthusiast, was involved in many different sporting activities, such as athletics, basketball, volleyball and later fitness training.

While I was studying for a degree in sport science and sports marketing at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, I also learnt about other thrilling sports disciplines such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and snowboarding and got more and more fascinated by the colorful world of sports and fitness training.

During my time as a sport student I accepted my first job offer as a personal trainer and financed my whole study time with this job. Later, after I received my diploma in sport science, I started a work and travel time and worked as a fitness trainer abroad in Australia, Turkey and Switzerland.

Taking care of my own website as a personal trainer for years, I developed a deep interest in many topics in areas of e-commerce. This is why I accepted first jobs as Content Manager and developed besides an idea for an own online fitness magazine.

My passion for yoga, holistic training methods, health, vegetarian food and environment was the basis for the launch of my own online magazine, ‘’, with qiiiTM as a registered trademark. With the magazine I want to motivate web users to lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Interested in more? Visit the online magazine now!

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