Why are the positive effects of regular physical activity important for you?

The positive effects of regular physical activity

Here are six of the major positive effects of regular physical activity: better heart circulation, strong muscles, healthy bones and spine, better endurance, better coordination and a better life energy, “Qi”. As you see, it is worth to have a daily active routine.

Heart Circulation

Activities train your heart, the heart circulation and keep your metabolism active.

Healthy Bones & Spine

Staying active means strengthening your bones and keeping your spine healthy.

Better Coordination

The more you move, the better you are able to keep balance and coordinate your movements.

Strong Muscles

Only muscles in use keep strong and get stronger.

Better Endurance

With an active life you improve your endurance and can do activities over a longer time.


You improve your whole energy level when you move regularly.

Why are these positive effects important for you if you want to enjoy your life?

  • Heart circulation: According to The World Health Organization is death as a result of cardiovascular disease number one cause of deaths worldwide (2015: 17.7 Mio). Most cardiovascular diseases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle which includes physical inactivity and an unhealthy diet. You can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease with regular physical activity.
  • Stronger muscles: Muscles are important to carry out your daily movement and stabilize your body. Untrained muscles lead to more frequent injuries. One of the most common causes of inability to work in Germany is backpain (Statista). In many cases you can avoid backpain by staying active and doing regular workouts to stabilize your core and stretch or move the related muscles. Also many joint injuries during leisure activities, e.g. golf, soccer or skiing, could be prevented with a stable joint structure.
  • Healthy bones and spine: The older you get, the more you have to take care of bone density. Regular activity strengthens the bones and can decrease the risk of bone injuries. The spine needs to move regular to keep its dynamic and mobility.
  • Better endurance: With a better endurance, activities are more fun. You will recover much faster after activities compared to an untrained person. A good endurance keeps your focus high and helps you to achieve a better performance. If you play tennis or golf in your spare time, you will have a higher energy level for a longer period of time. On a hiking tour you will get less tired and can walk longer.
  • Better coordination: Coordination is the competence to move well and to perform movements effective. With activities you train the connection between brain and body, which will help you to move more smooth and also to have a better balance. When you are able to react faster and move more efficient, you use less energy for your movements and can better avoid injuries (e.g. from stumbling or lifting objects the wrong way).
  • Life energy “Qi”: Your overall life energy level is also influenced by other factors, such as stress, food and environment. But activity has a big influence on your personal energy level, too. If you increase your life energy, you will have a better life quality and therefore enjoy life in general and everything you do much more.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages for your health and your life in general if you keep active. Stay healthy! Jens

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