Training with strength bands is versatile and effective

Outdoor fitness training has always fascinated me. One of the best tools to train your body outdoors is the strength band. It is simple to use and highly effective.

Today, you can buy strength bands in many variations and therefore perform serious strength workouts with them. But it was not always like this. When I started to work as a personal trainer in 1999, the best known brands on the German market were “Theraband” and “Deuserband”. Both brands have been popular in rehabilitation clinics and physiotherapy practices. You would not see many people train in the fitness centers with the bands, perhaps someone who did recovery or very specialized training.

Here is a brief overview of the advantages of training with power bands:

  • Light weight and space saving, power bands fit in every pocket
  • Most bands are cheap, which makes it financially bearable when they rip
  • Versatile usage, indoors and outdoors
  • Available in many different sizes and designs, creating a wide range of training, from rehabilitation to competitive sports

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • With frequent use in nature even stable bands like the Deuserbands rip
  • Not all exercises are easy to perform, e.g. squats

All in all, power bands are good training tools that greatly expand the possibilities of your fitness training. But you should rather see them as a useful addition to your training and not to solely train with them.

Training with strength bands

In the upper image I fixed two Deuserbands at a tree. When I train outdoors, I frequently connect two Deuserbands with a simple slope, which is why I can perform exercises with a larger range of motion better, e.g. chest press, chest fly and torso rotations. This bands are very solid, have up to 24 kg resistance and are with a price around 30 € not too expensive. Because of the high resistance I recommend it for advanced fitness athletes.

Below, you find a sample exercise with a theraband for your back muscles (standing upright row). I will present further exercises in the upcoming articles.

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Standing Row with a theraband 1

Jens Baltrusch Outdoor Fitness Theraband Horizontal Row 1
Jens Baltrusch Outdoor Fitness Theraband Horizontal Row 1

Position 1

Fix the theraband at a tree or another suitable object. Here I fixed it at height of my head, but you can vary it depending on the exercise.

Hold the two ends of the theraband and walk back a bit so that the band is tight. Stand in a step position, balance the weight on both feet and keep your core stable.

Standing Row with a theraband 2

Jens Baltrusch Outdoor Fitness Theraband Horizontal Row 2
Jens Baltrusch Outdoor Fitness Theraband Horizontal Row 2

Position 2

Pull back your arms as far as you can, without lifting your shoulders. For general fitness training, repeat the movement 15-20 times in a steady manner. Challenge yourself, the resistance should not be too easy.

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