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The philosophy of «Qi»

Qi is a term from Asian health teachings and martial arts and can have different meanings. The essential meanings for the orientation of the online magazine «qiii.media» are «vital energy» and «life force». For example, the qi of the sun helps plants and animals to evolve, and your inner qi is the motor of your spiritual and physical activities, e.g. the activities of your organs and your brain. Without qi, there is no life energy and therefore no life. In order to lead a good life, your qi needs to be in balance.

The foundation of the online magazine «qiii.media»

I was fascinated by Asian philosophies early on. During my studies in sports science, besides classic sports disciplines, I dealt with the history of various martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and other holistic therapies and training methods.

To give the planned online project an individual and at the same time specific expression, I registered the unique trademark “qiiiTM“. The three “iii” symbolize the three important aspects common to all training disciplines and philosophies: movement, nutrition and meditation.

Behind this brand is the conviction that every person can positively change on an individual level by bringing these three elements into the center of life. The awareness for movement, nutrition and meditation enables a life in balance, influences the personal qi positively, improves the self-perception and the understanding of a holistic lifestyle.

Topics of qiii.media

The online magazine qiii.media focusses on topics that have a significant impact on human energy and vitality. These include health topics, holistic training methods, yoga, vegetarian nutrition and social as well as environmental topics.

Why are environmental topics an important section of the magazine? Outdoor sports activities made me think about the value of a clean environment and to deal intensively with topics of environmental protection. Sport in nature is meditative and cleansing. But only if nature is intact. In Switzerland, nature conservation is very important. The air and the water are clean. There are many training routes in the forest with fountains from which one can drink without hesitation. This is unthinkable in other countries. The sport outside only stays healthy in a clean environment. Many of the articles in the online magazine qiii.media are therefore dealing with current environmental problems such as air and water pollution and the impact of pollution on human nutrition and health.

To understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to think holistically. It is not only important that you eat well and exercise on a regular basis. It is also important that the environment is intact, because the environment influences much more than we realize. Healthy foods can only be produced in a clean environment. Only if you are not permanently exposed to harmful substances your body will stay healthy. The environment has as much impact on your health as diet and exercise.

Your qiii.media

If you want to achieve something positive in your life, ask yourself the following question:

What can you do on your personal level to positively influence your life energy, the energy of your friends and the energy of society?

It all starts with your way of thinking, living and acting. Everything starts with you and your personal energy level – your “qi”.

Become a part of the qiii.media community and share or comment our articles! Please also contact the editorial staff if you have questions or if you would like to write a contribution.

We look forward to sharing our energy with you.

Your qiii.media editorial staff

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FAQ: Online Fitness Magazine "qiii.media"

Which meanings can the word "Qi" have?

It can mean e.g. energy, breath, air, emotions, brain activity, ether, temperament, force or atmosphere.

Why the three "iii" in the brand "qiiiTM"?

The three “iii” symbolize the three important aspects common to all training disciplines and philosophies: movement, nutrition and meditation.

What are "holistic training methods" ?

Holistic training methods see the person as a whole, with influences from inside and outside. Everything is connected, so a health problem can have several causes, e.g. a mental (stress) and physical cause (high blood pressure) at the same time. If you only treat the physical cause (medicine), it does not cure the health problem in a sustainable way. But if you cure both causes at the same time, e.g. with meditation and medicine, you solve the problem as a whole and the person gets well in a sustainable way.

Which are the topics of the online magazine "qiii.media"?

The topics of the online magazine qiii.media are health, holistic training methods, Yoga, vegetarian food and environment.

Why are environmental topics relevant for a health magazine?

According to holistic thinking, also the environment has an influence on human health. In a clean environment you can e.g. grow clean food, drink clean water, and breathe clean air. All these aspects have a big impact on human health.

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