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which move something physically and mentally.

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Maybe there is a topic from the fields of health, holistic training methods, yoga, vegetarian diet or environment, to which you have not found sufficiently informative articles? Together with the editorial team of Qiii Media, I will try everything to respond to your topic request and answer your questions on the topic.

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You have the opportunity to participate in the new contribution, e.g. as a guest author or interview partner. The form in which you would like to participate in the production of the contribution is individually coordinated with you. If you want this, your name will be placed under the post on the website, e.g. like “article idea from…”, or “guest author: …”.


You can always submit questions, ideas or suggestions without making any commitments. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Digital savvy

Versatile and field-tested, e.g. as an IT project manager, content manager and online editor.


Have a look at my CV on Linkedin. I think professionally, but act unconventionally.


At work and in private life I need challenges. My attitude is athletic in many ways.


Preferably short and sweet as well as error free.

My passions

Outdoor Sport (Scuba Diving, Sailing, Running, Biking)


Online Journalism


Travelling (my favourite place: Florida)

Environment protection

Understanding Steven Hawkins

A Fair World